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No Cain Mutiny at Soul Direction

After over a year of going back and forth with emails and messages and with the impending release it was fitting to take a trip to Nashville to finally meet Thomas Cain in person and hand deliver copies of the new release.

I must admit to being a little nervous given that I see myself as nothing more than a custodian of his music for this short burst of time in his life and wanted everything to be perfect.

I realise now I had nothing to worry about as he was without question one of the nicest guys, I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, let alone working with.

We went through the schedule and how we had got to this point in the journey (small talk if you will) but then I just wanted to know everything there was to know about him and his career. A lot of this will be in his Bio prior to release but just listening to his story, his close friendship and working partnership with Arthur Alexander and their journeys in music writing and performing. Make no mistake this soul man may not have recorded much that made a release, but he was a prolific writer and performer. Worked for, and as part of the music business in licensing, publishing with his own company and with his role at BMI.

We were having lunch, but I hardly ate a thing as I was just memorized, hanging on his every word.

Knowing that I needed to be over 200 miles away later that afternoon completely left me as I could have listened to this wonderful man all day. Eventually after a 3+ hour lunch we had signed, sealed, and delivered our partnership and vowed not only to work together again, but for me to visit him aat his home and spend time with him and his family.

I truly feel blessed to be just a small part of this man’s work and for him to allow me to be a part of it is and has been a truly emotional experience and restored my faith in things that were waning for me.

Thank you, Thomas.

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