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Jesse James - Back On Top Again - Soul Junction LP


Condition -  NM (New Release)


Pre Order for Release Date: Friday 24th May 2024



Track Listing:


Side 1:
1. Back On Top 3:54
2. Another Love Lay Over (Featuring Shirley Diamond) 4:12
3. I Lost My Baby On Facebook (Featuring Donnie McKisic) 3:59
4. Keep It On The Hush Hush 3:46
5. Get In Touch With Me 3:48


Side 2:
1. What Happened To The Oo -Wee 4:15
2. Can I Still Be Your Friend 4:17
3. I Be A Fool 2 Fool Around On You 5:05
4. I Put A Clam On That Thang 4:27


In the history of Black American soul music many recording artists have been called “Legends” some deservedly and perhaps some not so deserving of this current over used accolade? I might be a tad biased here, perhaps? but in my book one James Howard McCelland a.k.a Jesse James has surely earned the right to be called a “Legend” this octogenarian performer has weathered many storms and shifts in musical trends and styles over the years but like the trouper that he is albeit in lower keys these days he still manages time and time again to come up with the goods! “Back On Top Again” is Jesse James latest production album, a project filled with recent and current recordings in a southern soul style that has likened in passing by several respected soul scribes to the Malaco Sound I’ll let the record buying public make their own minds up on that one, I’m sure veteran DJ Bob Jones won’t mind me using his quote below:


Thank you so much David for sending me 'Back On Top'- Jesse James Album. What a production! full of super southern soul songs that really hit the spot & ooze the real deal.

Love it Big time!


Dr Bob Jones


The album also features two of Jesse’s friend’s with Donnie McKisic providing the rapping and additional backing vocals on the upbeat “I Lost My Baby On Face Book” and Shirley Diamond who you may recall from Soul Junction’s recent 45 release “You Don’t Know Who You Sleeping With” (SJ1021) returning with another excellent Diamond & James duet “Another Love Lay Over” as a further foot note the featured song “I’d Be A Fool 2 Fool Around On You” is an excellent cover version of what was a previously unissued Harvey Scales song until Soul Junction released it as the flipside their thirteenth 45 single release way back in 2011.


Jesse James - Back On Top Again - Soul Junction LP