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This is a test auction for the new auction page

Test Auction Product

  • About the Auction

    Our new auction system in now fully in place. The page you are currently viewing enables you to see the status of the various auctions we are running. If you would like to place a bid on an item, you need to register to use the auction.

    The way our auction has changed. Instead of bidding a new price for a record, you now enter the maximum price you want to pay. The website will then automatically bid on your behalf up to your maximum price. Once your maximum has been out bid, we will notify you via email.

    If you don’t wish to pay for registered “fully insured to sign” mailing, please do not bid. All auction items need to be fully insured to protect both parties.


    Placing A Bid

    When you place a bid on an auction, a message will be displayed on screen to confirm if your bid was successful.

    Please note, it is not possible to view the identity of the current bidder, only their auction username.

    You will receive an email confirming your bid, but not always if you have been outbid so, please keep an eye on the bidding action.



    If another bidder exceeds your bid, you should be notified by email, but not always as the system is new to us. You are welcome to return to the site and enter a higher bid if you wish.

    Winning an Auction

    If you are the highest bidder when the auction closes, we will contact you personally to discuss payment and delivery details.

    Live Auction Service

    The new live auction service adds new features to auction bidding. You should be able to see bids from other users and the price will update You must stay connected to the internet for the Live Auction Service to work.

    Auction Extensions

    We do not use auction extensions. The deadline is shown and that is when the auction ends. Period!!

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