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Freemen - Street Lady - Cannonball Records

Freemen - Street Lady - Cannonball Records
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Freemen - Street Lady - Cannonball Records

B/W - Instrumental Version

Condition - Mint (New Release)

Well, a few weeks ago Cannonball have posted a poll asking Cannonballers whether they wanted us to put a vocal on an instrumental studio demo we did as a form of exercise for the band a couple of years ago. The outcome of the poll was definitely a GO. We then entrusted our favourite New Jersey guy Ronald to write down some lyrics and tell you what, we got him singing aswell! He picked up an old poem he wrote in the late 70's about Harlem nightlife and a young girl he met on a bus ride one evening far far back in time. We discussed for a wee while about the structure and here we are with the track, mixed down and mastered for your pleasure.