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Jay Machine Stovall - Get On Out There - Cannonball

Jay Machine Stovall - Get On Out There - Cannonball

Jay Machine Stovall - Get On Out There - Cannonball

B/W - Why

Condition - Mint

Jay Machine Stovall with two amazing early 80's modern disco/soul unissued tracks, now available to pre-order from Cannonball New York!

The original voices that brought you the club hit: There But For the Grace of God Go I. I hooked up early this year with Jay Stovall via his really good friend Paris Ford who told me he had some unrealised material for us to listen to.I was a bit nervous when I first call Jay the first time, It's not everyday you talk to someone who had a Hit record. We've spent hours on the phone and we've connected immediately, like when you talk to someone who knows you for years. Genuine, passionate guy with a great sense of humour and who knows how to talk business.

Jay had his first guitar at the age of 13 year old, playing with his school buddies from the 4th grade in Brooklyn NY.

He played with several bands before finally putting together MACHINE in 1977 when the disco-era was in full swing and most R&B, disco, and funk lyrics were escapist in nature.

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