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A Duo From The Vaults

Soul Direction have sought out these 2 fabulous releases from the vaults after some discussions with The Numero Group.

Father’s Children – "Everybody’s Got a Problem" / "In Shallah" – Soul Direction

Mastered for vinyl from the original master tapes. Recorded around 1972, these tracks were a result of Band Manager Robert Hosea Williams who had the foresight to preserve the master tapes from those early sessions and these masterful tracks were released on a 2011 Numero LP.

Permission was given for Soul Direction to Master these two tracks from the original master tapes. Soul Direction have made this release a Double AA Side and the reason is clear. “Everybody’s Got a Problem” having a powerful message about political conflict surrounding the Nixon administration and “In Shallah” having the Arabic translation of if “Allah wills” or “God willing” it’s clear the bands influences and beliefs but is celebrated in strong vocals and sublime harmonies respectively and for that reason each side is celebrated equally.

The Universal Togetherness Band – "I Want You" / "Call For Love" - Soul Direction

Mastered for vinyl from the original master tapes.

These two tracks were recorded between 1979 and 1982 and after Andre began circulating cassette tapes of the band’s material (most of which were written by Andre) they were finally given the light of day by The Numero Group in 2014. Soul Direction have been given permission to master these tracks for 7” vinyl from the original master tapes. The songs were recorded at Zenith db and Universal Audio in Chicago Illinois and under licence from Andre Gibson & The Numero Group and with the permission of Andre Gibson.

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