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A PANTHER’S STORY - A Novel by Alberto Zanini


The new and exciting Novel from the man that brought you "Funk Investigators"


A Panther on the run, hunted down by J. Edgar Hoover's Special Agents during one of the most turbulent periods in recent American history. Dirty cops, mobsters, civil rights activists, street thugs, investigative reporters and secret service operatives from distant lands intertwine, generations later, in a space-time capsule in which a New York Public Library executive and a Broadway violinist are, once again, called in to investigate. A Panther’s Story is a novel in two parts. The first part is set in 1969, an annus horribilis for the civil rights movements in America. The second part takes place in 2021, when evidence and people related to a very specific event that took place over fifty years ago come to light.


It all begins with the true-life events of the New York Twenty One. The city headquarters of the Black Panthers is wiped out by the police on the basis of evidence that, two years later, will turn out to be completely false. Three activists manage to escape. One of them is Jalon Perry. With the help of the DeVonnes, he will be able to save himself and, despite Hoover putting his most trusted agents on his tail, nothing more will be known about him until the winter of 2021. While the case against the Panther Twenty One is historical fact, both Jalon Perry and the DeVonne brothers are fictional characters to whom the author entrusts the task of developing the story narrative following the actual events.


The second part is entirely the result of the author's imagination. Around the main characters revolve a whole series of minor characters – journalists, collaborators, crooks, silent henchmen and others – who enrich the depth of the narrative landscape and allow the author to describe environments and atmospheres in an almost cinematic way and so provide readers with an evocative and compelling story.



Jay Nemor Reads “A Panther’s Story”.

Sometimes things just happen. My brother Jay runs a successful podcast in which he reads books, tells sories and keeps you great company with his deep bass vocal timbre. He’s member to our restricted “advanced previews” club and had a chance to read the unedited manuscript of “A Panther’s Story” which is due to come out officially in a couple of weeks. 
During one of our regular conversations about music and life he said “let’s do a public reading, as this is a book that deserves it”. So here we are with this experiment that blends art, music and the blessed written word.


A PANTHER’S STORY - A Novel by Alberto Zanini

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