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Timmy Carr - & the Cooperettes - Got No Time - Soul Direction


B/W - I Want My Loving From You - Listen to this side.


Condition - M - (New Release)


The latest release from Soul Direction Records.


Pre-Order for Delivery 11th June 2023


Timothy Carstaphen aka. Timmy (Timothy) Carr was once described by Vera Carey of the Persianettes. “As a short guy, about five-five, but he was stocky. He was no little pushover. He was like a weightlifter” He recorded songs as Timmy & The Empires which consisted of Timmy Carr, Kenneth Johns, Nathaniel Young and Micky Harvey.

The two tracks featured on this release initially surfaced as an Impact Recordings Studio Acetate. Another copy did surface later but has also been featured on a compilation CD but never as fully licensed 7” vinyl single. We have decided to release the extended “Studio Master” version of “Got No Time” with the engineer count in and unedited run out.

According to Howard Ravitsky the songs in question were backed by the Cooperettes which were an all-family affair of sisters, Janette, Debbie, Tina and Angie Cooper and not the Persianettes as previous thought. The songs were written by Howard Ravitsky and Phil Hurtt. Hurtt went on in later life to write the massive hit song “I’ll Be Around” for The Detroit Spinners. Timmy recorded a song on the Kee Label titled “Workin” backed with “I’m Not Lyin’” which possibly is his rarest release.


It should be noted that well known Collector Tim Ashibende was the first UK person to track down and meet Howard in Philly some years ago, which largely lead to some of the tracks from his stable reaching a wider audience on the Northern soul scene.

After a conversation with Tim Ashibende he relayed his story to me.

The first Timmy Carr acetate came from Howard to Tim, then ended up with Carl Fortnum in a big trade.

In that same deal with Howard he also got other stuff including 2 copies of Benny Sigler, ‘Who you gonna turn to’ which he was also involved with.

Tim met and interviewed Howard in 1991 after writing to him. He replied to his enquiry, then Tim subsequently met him next time he was out on the East Coast.

He did a short taped interview with him, and he also gave me a tape of other songs.


Timmy was also backed with The Persianetts who recorded “Timmy Boy” and “There Comes a Time” on the Olympia Label in 1963. He later recorded 2 records on the Hot Biscuit Label around 1968 which was probably the most fame he saw in his singing career.

Tim Carr recorded these 2 tracks at Impact